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TOYWATCH Jet Lag Only Time Cream Plastic Case Brown Dial Quartz Watch

Condition: Brand New

Movement: Quartz

Case Size: 41mm

Material: Plastic

Signature: ToyWatch

                                                   About the Brand

ToyWatch launched in the United States in 2006 and gained international popularity in 2008, our watches have gained popularity across the world, and loved by those who have them, for some they are collector items.

ToyWatch is an object that embodies all the excitement of a fun product where playfulness permeates everyday life. Each watch reflects an Italian Design: in the unusual and innovative materials, in the classic timeless shapes and in the bold and striking shapes. Authentic/charming Italian Style, worn when style is the feature that characterizes an eccentric and strong, self-confident but never ostentatious personality

Choose one and you’re into it to the point of becoming a collector. Curiosity and desire for freedom that satisfies the hidden side in everyone’s subconscious, taking oneself less seriously, in leisure or at work, wearing an object that is a breath of fresh air: This is what ToyWatch represents. A landmark in Italian Design.

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Retail Price: $215.00

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